Shocked to find out Leon "Ndugu" Chancler has left us. Famous for the Billie Jean groove yes but also drummer in my favorite band Weather Report. I caught him live once with the Santana/Wayne Shorter combination. RIP Ndugu.

Atmospheric take on Swiss drummer extraordinary  Jojo Mayer. He is unique, he is quirky, he's a true artist dedicated to art in a broad sense. If you understand German, you can try to grasp one of the deepest German dialects ever heard. Also featuring his band Nerve.

One of the reasons why vinyl has become so popular again is the fact that the graphic design shines on a big sleeve. I picked this one from the sale bin just because the beauty of its package. Althought this is aimed at a club audience Ricardo's Tobar Collection on Sven Väth's Cocoon Recordings label even has some pleasing highlights to my ear. Sometimes reminding a little bit of Amon Tobin.

Ricardo Tobar Collection Cocoon recordings

Everybody who loves Brasilian music whether rock, jazz, bossa, samba, forró... should check out this amazing YT channel.

Sesc em São Paulo

Belgian key wizard has teamed up with compatriots Michel Delville (guitar) and Maxime Lenssens (drums) to produce this atmospheric fusion album released on Moonjune Records. Moonjune boss Leonardo Pavkovic brought in Tony Levin on bass to lay down the bottom line. Funny to realise that the latter has played in front of president Kennedy and still kicking today.

Levin posted some photos of the recording session at Studio Jesus a while ago, so it's great to hear such a great outcome.

Was Ben Riley the drummer in Abdullah Ibrahim's Ekaya performance I attended at North Sea Jazz festival 1984? I have to check. He definitely played on that year's album.