Al Di Meola

World renowned flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia is no longer with us. Born in Andalucia, a true fusion musician in the real sense of the word, de Lucia never hesitated to cross the borders of pure flamenco.

Jazz fans will know him for the famous trio he established with John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola. Truly grace, passion & fire.

Well here it is. The tune I was talking about in my latest post. "I can tell"  was co-composed by Philippe Saisse. Not sure but I think he even provides backing vocals to Al's lead voice. Couldn't believe this when I first heard this but on the other side it's a fun catchy tune that might stick in your thoughts for the rest of the day. You just wouln't expect this to be from the Al Di Meola catalogue.

The real one? Well, yes obviously. Guess I have to thank the guys at Flashback to about fifteen years ago when I first discovered Mr. Saisse on Al Di Meola's "Splendido Hotel". More? Check my next post to find out the tune and search the internet for footage of PSP: Saisse in collaboration with Simon Phillips and Pino Paladino. There's some great material from One Shot Not presented by Manu Katché.

Philippe Saisse

Was it that bad behind the iron curtain? Stumbled upon footage from the Al Di Meola Project filmed in East Berlin back in 1988 (at Palast der Republik?). Al with his band containing of Kei Akagi (keys), Tom Brechtlein (drums), Jose Renato (vocals), Chuck Webb (bass) and Roger Squitero (percussion) playing mostly material from the then actual album "Tirami Su".

Music friendly enough to the ears of the East-German regime in this almost instrumental setting apart from the vocalizing of Brasilian singer Jose Renato. But isn't the voice the most beautiful instrument. This concert was again broadcasted by German MDR television. Great set, great sound, 7 parts.