Joe Zawinul

Tony Zawinul is calling out to all you nostalgic music fans. So make your pledge on Indiegogo to make it all happen. Lots of must have perks and the promise of the definitive documentary on the greatest band ever. Well one of the greatests anyway.

Yes, a lot of Zawinul and Weather Report on this blog. Inevitable. Couldn't resist. The amazing voice of Amit Chatterjee puts the shivers on the spine before the band breaks into an irresistible kind of dance groove.

The Zawinul Legacy Band hits the road these days. Check out tour dates. Some notes and bios on the band here.

Well it's about time to celebrate the music of Weather Report. is calling fans from all over the planet. Check it out and remember also the superb documented site on Weather Report's discography from

The great thing about YouTube is that you can browse for footage you once saw on television or seek video material from concerts you've attented. At the '85 edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival Joe Zawinul played a solo gig. While Weather Report was on a hiatus he and Wayne Shorter continued there ways solo. The concert at the North Sea Festival ended somewhat disappointing after only half an hour. Technical problems brought an end to a lot of high expectations. There's no footage from Den Hague but there's material from the Münchner Klaviertage same summer.