Return to Forever

To long since the previous favorite tune. I stumbled upon a Jazzanova remix of Bobby Hutcherson's Love Song from 1975's "Montara" and went straight for the original. Enjoy, reminds me of early Return to Forever. Wiki.

Drummer Lenny White composed "The Shadow of Lo" for the 1974 Return to Forever album "Where have I known you before". In the DVD documentary that accompanies the 2012 release "The mothership returns" White explains that he originally named his composition "The Shadow of Io" after one of planet Jupiter moons.

Something went wrong at the printer however. The title got misprinted on the original record cover and the piece became "The shadow of Lo"

Was it that bad behind the iron curtain? Stumbled upon footage from the Al Di Meola Project filmed in East Berlin back in 1988 (at Palast der Republik?). Al with his band containing of Kei Akagi (keys), Tom Brechtlein (drums), Jose Renato (vocals), Chuck Webb (bass) and Roger Squitero (percussion) playing mostly material from the then actual album "Tirami Su".

Music friendly enough to the ears of the East-German regime in this almost instrumental setting apart from the vocalizing of Brasilian singer Jose Renato. But isn't the voice the most beautiful instrument. This concert was again broadcasted by German MDR television. Great set, great sound, 7 parts.