Chick Corea

Chick with his first Electric Band.

Chick's got a new band and you're invited to help him build his set list. What classics would you like to hear from his songbook. Pick three and submit here.

My top 3:

  1. Crystal Silence
  2. Silver Temple
  3. Spain
Chick Corea and the Vigil

Dave Brubeck passed away last week. Brubeck was always kind of an outsider in the jazz world althought Chick Corea thinks of him as one of the early fusion pioneers with the Dave Brubeck's Quartet 1959 offering "Time Out". Indeed a lot of cross-over genres and influences were happening on that album. He was surely underrated and will remain best known for the epic "Take Five". An outstanding composer in his own right however that tune was written by sax player Paul Desmond.