Not a great week for geniuses of 20th century music obviously. After Dave Brubeck the maestro of Indian music Ravi Shankar passed away. His influence on western music is undoubtedly and we're not only talking George Harrison or his famous band here. During post-war there was a lot of interest in Indian music from different corners. Be it classic, jazz or rock a lot of musicians faced east, not only for musical but also for spirtual search.

There's a lot said about this man and to me he sometimes seemed not of this earth. Althought I don't think that we truely can understand the full potential or meaning of Indian music outside the subcontinent Shankar stands out in the ranks of people like Charlie Parker, Chick Corea, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett to name only the jazz side of things. Really big shoes to fill for his daughters Norah and Anoushka.