Weather Report

Tony Zawinul is calling out to all you nostalgic music fans. So make your pledge on Indiegogo to make it all happen. Lots of must have perks and the promise of the definitive documentary on the greatest band ever. Well one of the greatests anyway.

Well it's about time to celebrate the music of Weather Report. is calling fans from all over the planet. Check it out and remember also the superb documented site on Weather Report's discography from

Great news from drummer Peter Erskine. On his site he's announcing a new e-book "No Beethoven" about his time with Weather Report. Peter was the driving rhythm force behind Zawinul-Shorter-Pastorius during the 1978-82 era. Can't await this myself particulary because there's no Weather Report book I know about apart from the individual biographies.

Peter Erskine e-book No Beethoven