Stewart Copeland

In addition to my latest post I stumbled upon this great video by Copeland shows us around his amazing studio. Also he shoots jamsessions there which you can find on YouTube. Search for "Sacred Grove" (the name of the studio) or check

The Police broke up at the heigth of their succes. That's what we all want to do, no? Fact was that the members were fed up with the hassle of being rockstars, touring and most important couldn't stand each other anymore. So what to do with a lot of money and time on your hands. Leave for the exotic isle? No way, in Strange Things Happen drummer Stewart Copeland takes us on his journey trough music and life.

Divided into short sections, not in chronological order, Copeland travels back to Lebanon where he spends much of his youth as the son of a CIA spy. His father also happened to be a trumpet player in the Glen Miller band.  Copeland started to play drums early on and knew from the start that they would be part of his life from then on. Throughout the book we get first hand insights in the countless projects and travels he has been involved in.

What about a journey to Africa to jam with Pygmies and Masai? Next there's his career in film scoring leaving his kit behind only to pick them up teaming with bass players Stanley Clarke or Les Claypool. Masters in their own right. He gets invited to Italy for different projects and finally catch up with Sumner and Summers to play with his band of bands. Tensions are running high again.

Strange Things Happen is a fun read by one of the most influential players on the drums of the last 50 years. My copy looked liked it was an old book from the seventies: no great design or fancy paper. But don't let that scare you. Content rules.