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These fearless roadwarrriors are at it again. After the "Family Dinner vol 1" effort there's the new and marvelous, yet unexpected "We like it here" album. Same recipe: cd/dvd package, live audience and the band in between, and Snarky Puppy music. Music I do not get tired of. Always fresh, moving, crossing borders and played with a 'take no prisoners' attitude. These guys could easily get high-rated jobs in the music industry, touring with the stars or whatever. They choose not, they hit the road to see whatever comes in there way. Artists in the real sense.

Location this time around was Utrecht, Netherlands because the band felt like doing a tribute to Europe stating: we like it here. Well, we like you having here guys and hope you return often. The recording of the event had, once again, the typical Snarky signature. To less preparation, instant composing and rehearsing without drummer.

Yes that's right, Robert "Sput" Searight, present on most of the last recordings didn't make it to the gig and was replaced by same day flew in Larnell Lewis. A first time for me and wow.... Check the incredible drumming. It's amazing that this band can call on such top-notch players last minute. Everyone want's to gig with the pups obviously.

In the meantime there's something else that becomes more and more obvious too. Bassplayer and headpuppy Michael League is a genius composer. Yes, there are many references to all Anglo & Afro-American musical genres from the last decades. You hear what the man's musings are. But this is more than just intelligent sampling and reuse. This is building upon a legacy with respect and pushing the same genres forward. Only the real masters do that.

I know it's old fashioned but BUY this CD/DVD.

From the live DVD "groundUP" (available at This band will be featured in a new episode at if I'm well informed.

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