Favorite tune

Speaks for itself! No?

A piece from Four Corners an album that didn't caught much of my attention until now. It is the precursor to critically acclaimed Politics. It's also the first album to feature Will Kennedy on drums.

This is my favorite band line-up from the Yellowjackets. Not to funky, not to jazzy. I wonder where saxophone player Marc Russo is now. Underestimated musician in my opinion.

To long since the previous favorite tune. I stumbled upon a Jazzanova remix of Bobby Hutcherson's Love Song from 1975's "Montara" and went straight for the original. Enjoy, reminds me of early Return to Forever. Wiki.

Yes, a lot of Zawinul and Weather Report on this blog. Inevitable. Couldn't resist. The amazing voice of Amit Chatterjee puts the shivers on the spine before the band breaks into an irresistible kind of dance groove.

Chick with his first Electric Band.

Well here it is. The tune I was talking about in my latest post. "I can tell"  was co-composed by Philippe Saisse. Not sure but I think he even provides backing vocals to Al's lead voice. Couldn't believe this when I first heard this but on the other side it's a fun catchy tune that might stick in your thoughts for the rest of the day. You just wouln't expect this to be from the Al Di Meola catalogue.