The Caribbean Jazz Project playing "Stolen Moments" by Oliver Nelson. Heard on WBGO jazz radio.

The Jan Garbarek Group's 1993 album "Twelve Moons" marked the 500th release on Manfred Eicher's ECM record label. The title track, as noted on the CD inner sleeve, contains themes originally composed for the film "Around the year in Børfjord". These kind of references always make me curious but I never catched a glimpse until the internet days and found out that this was not your ordinary movie.

It turns out that the actual English title is "A Year along the Abandoned Road". Director Morten Skallerud moved a camera around the fjord for a long period capturing each day in a few seconds resulting in a year passing before the camera. There's an Wikipedia entrance here. Video can also be found on YouTube.

I would like to attract some attention for the great work of Ralf Schmitz & Georg Pilger at jazzrocktv.de. A real labor of love I would say. Keep up the great work, guys!

Please visit: jazzrocktv.de.


Dave Brubeck passed away last week. Brubeck was always kind of an outsider in the jazz world althought Chick Corea thinks of him as one of the early fusion pioneers with the Dave Brubeck's Quartet 1959 offering "Time Out". Indeed a lot of cross-over genres and influences were happening on that album. He was surely underrated and will remain best known for the epic "Take Five". An outstanding composer in his own right however that tune was written by sax player Paul Desmond.

The great thing about YouTube is that you can browse for footage you once saw on television or seek video material from concerts you've attented. At the '85 edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival Joe Zawinul played a solo gig. While Weather Report was on a hiatus he and Wayne Shorter continued there ways solo. The concert at the North Sea Festival ended somewhat disappointing after only half an hour. Technical problems brought an end to a lot of high expectations. There's no footage from Den Hague but there's material from the Münchner Klaviertage same summer.