Steps Ahead

Currently reading 'No Beethoven' by drummer Peter Erskine which I will review later. But with Peter in mind I started to search YouTube and catched a video of him with Palle Danielsson and Rita Marcotulli (see below). The tune is 'Something I said' and was (first?) recorded on the Steps Ahead album 'Magnetic' back in 1985-86.

Steps Ahead was an all-star fusion band who had gained some popularity by then (I think especially in Europe). Originally started as an almost acoustic venture, they got more and more into synths. Some of the compositions are loaded with them, overloaded at times it seems. Even Mike Mainieri's vibes got midified over the years. Still there are a lot of highlights on this album. 'Trains' became a live hit during concerts and there's a retake of Ellington's 'In a sentimental mood' which features Michael Brecker on Steiner Ewi, a MIDI wind instrument.

The more acoustic version of Steps Ahead comes near the end of the album with the laidback and aforementioned 'Something I said' written by Erskine.

Elektra Records

A side:

  1. Trains
  2. Beirut
  3. Cajun
  4. In a sentimental mood

B side:

  1. Magnetic love
  2. Sumo
  3. All the tea in China
  4. Something I said
  5. Reprise (Magnetic love)

Steps Ahead Magnetic