David Sanborn

This is a John Scofield album recorded during his tenure with Miles Davis. There's no bass player hired as John is playing the bass parts himself. Scofield got Dennis Chambers on drums for later albums and touring but here the drum throne is taking by Steve Jordan. A wonderful choice. Jordan, as always, focuses on the groove and he's an original master at that. Funky and driving without losing himself.

The horn section (trombone, alt-sax) is the rare combination of Ray Anderson and David Sanborn. Anderson originating out of the free jazz-free funk corner, and Sanborn the sought after studio musician/fusion icon. Nevertheless the both find a common musical path on this adventure. Listen to 'Filibuster' to hear them go in higher gear. Peter Levin is humble playing keyboards.

A funky jazz album showing the fruition of an unique talent. Miles knew.

Grammavision Records 1984 GR 8405

A side:

  1. Just my luck
  2. Big break
  3. Best western
  4. Pick hits

B side:

  1. Filibuster
  2. Thanks again
  3. King for a day
  4. Phone home
John Scofield 1984 Electric Outlet album