Eraldo Bernocchi

This is a fascinating piece of art. Harold Budd and Eraldo Bernocchi's collaboration on Music for fragments from the inside is captured inside the atmosphere of Palazzo Delle Papesse, Siena, Italy before a live audience. Bernocchi lays down soundscapes, samples and rhythms over which Budd can improvise and move freely. I had't been exposed to the work of Harold Budd before but his piano style and timbre are quiet unique. Ambient comes to mind Budd doesn't agree to the fact of being related to the genre.

Recorded in 2003.

Sub Rosa SRV239

A side:

  1. Fragment 1
  2. Fragment 2

B side:

  1. Fragment 3
  2. Fragment 4

C side:

  1. Fragment 5
  2. Fragment 6

D side:

  1. Fragment 7
Harold Budd/Eraldo Bernocchi