Some things take time: writing a new post for example, or learning to fully appreciate a record. I bought Rush latest studio offering in combination with the Moving Pictures live vinyl back in 2012 or 2013. Don't remember exactly. I have to admit while always being a keen supporter of the band since mid-eighties, the last studio efforts since Test for Echo couldn't really caught much of my attention for a longer period of time. The band's strong live reputation remained through the years but I felt a lack of new inspiration. Vapor Trails was a turn for the best and back to guitar driven riffs. Trying to reinvent themselves again after decades seemed hard even for these outstanding craftsmen.

I listened to Clockwork Angels once in a while, heard new freshness and potential and now the last few weeks it caught me. In combination with the live performances I saw on the internet I really dove into it. At sixty-something they revived. There it is: the right balance between vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. A melting pot of sound with only equal parts and the occasional Peart penned one liner that seems to jump out once in a while and sticks in the head for the rest of the day.

Not looking to the past they obviously found new resources of inspiration, enough to raise the bar once more. They even do allow companions on the new and winding road. Strings are added and thankfully they are agressive, fully supporting and responsible for a whole new palette of sound. Now watch out you hipster young bands, before you know these gentlemen will kick your ass when they are well into their seventies.